Yortan Vase


Diameter: 19,6 cm
Height: 30 cm It

is 100% handmade.
Product Origin: Turkey
Cleaning advice : wipe with a dry cloth

The excavations in the Early Bronze Age Yortan cemetery were initiated in 1901 by the French railway engineer P. Gaudin, who worked in the construction of the Ottoman Imperial railway line in this area. Over 100 graves have been unearthed by Gaudin and Chapot. However, the field study regarding the location of this important cemetery has not been carried out to date. The location of the Yortan cemetery was discovered during the 2008 surveys. It is thought to be a very important find center in the vicinity of Manisa Province, being the largest EBA cemetery. It is important due to both the burial customs and the findings unearthed from these graves.
Yortan Vase, from Yortan BC. It was designed with inspiration from a black handmade clay product representing the Inner West Anatolian culture of 2750-2300.
Many works from Yortan are exhibited at the University of Amsterdam, Allard Pierson Museum.
The Yortan Vase is made of hand made smoke glass and all the relief patterns on it are decorated using 24 carat gold.

Production is limited to 2,000

Weight 3 kg


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