Vase Preserves


Width: 7 cm
Length: 14 cm
Height: 15 cm It

is 100% handmade.
Product Origin: Turkey
Cleaning advice : wipe with a dry cloth.

Anatolia is the name of a common homeland where people of different ancestry have existed at different times, in different languages ​​and with different beliefs.

Korur Vase is inspired by the double-headed eagle motif on the Western Crown Gate of Divriği Ulucamii, one of the most important examples of Seljuk art that came to life in Anatolia.

The eagle, which is an important ornament motif in Islamic art, is accepted to symbolize the protective spirit. It has also been used as a symbol of power and nobility. It is believed that the eagle represents the combined power, especially when used with double heads.

Korur Vase is made of hand-made glass and all the relief patterns on it are decorated with handcrafted antique vases.

Weight 3 kg


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