Stalactite vase


Width: 13 cm
Height: 28 cm It

is 100% handmade.
Product Origin: Turkey
Cleaning advice : wipe with a dry cloth.

The flower of life motif used on the Mukarnas Vase was interpreted from the mihrab stalactite of the Konya Sahip Ata Mosque in 1258.The Star motif is an excerpt from the geometric motifs on the Kayseri Doner Kümbet.

Muqarnas is a type of geometric decoration seen in architectural structures in Islamic art. The mystical meaning in Islamic decoration is hidden in the fiction of geometric forms and arrangements. The idea of ​​universal unity and balance is embodied by polygonal and polygonal stars. Polygon and polygonal stars were the only means of expression in the decoration of Anatolian Turkish art in the early 12th century. In the superficial decoration, the geometric design accumulation was transformed into prismatic elements, this type of decoration developed by prismatic elements side by side and overlapping was called muqarnas decoration.

The Mukarnas Vase is made of hand-made glass, and all the relief patterns on it are handcrafted and decorated using antique paint. Handmade glass, triangular shaped vase with worn decor, flower of life motif.

The production of the stalactite vase is limited to 2000 pieces.

Weight 3 kg


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