Seferli Vase


Diameter: 17 cm
Height: 25.5 cm It

is 100% handmade.
Product Origin: Turkey
Cleaning advice : wipe with a dry cloth

In the Ottoman history, the hunting expeditions of the sultans and princes date back to the establishment years of the state. The Ottoman sultans, like the Seljuks, Gazneli, Karahanli and Mongolian rulers before them, accepted hunting as one of the ways to prepare for war.
In the expeditionary Vazo, Sultan Selim’s tiger hunt, Suleiman the Magnificent and Sultan II. Bayezid’s hunting scene miniatures were stylized and used. Hunting scenes, III. It is taken from the work named “Hünername” (1584-1592), which was written by Seyyid Lokman in two volumes during the reign of Murat and illustrated by Nakkaş Osman and his students. In the first volume of the work named Hünername, the Seljuk and Ottoman sultans’ ascension to the throne and the important events that took place in the years of their reign are described in chronological order.
The relief patterns on the surface of the Moving Vase are taken from a 16th century Ottoman period armrest with gold-on-iron embroidery on display at the Topkapı Museum. Armrest is the name given to parts that were worn on the arm part of armors in the past.
The Movable Vase is made of hand made glass and its relief patterns, foil and all the patterns on it are decorated with hand workmanship.

Production is limited to 2,000.

Weight 3 kg


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