Nazar El Kase


Width: 25 cm
Height: 3 cm

Origin of the Product: TR
Cleaning Suggestion : Wipe with a dry cloth.

Let the evil eye be afraid of the hand … Letters protecting it with its vivid writing … Figures holding a goblet, shooting arrows, playing reeds say, “May Allah keep it from the evil eye” …

Nazar Hand Bowl is made of handmade beige opal glass in the form of an open hand. Open hand shape has been accepted as a protective against evil eye and evil eye according to many religious beliefs. This form, known as “Mother Fatma’s Hand” in Islamic culture, is called Hamse Hand in Arabic culture and Hames or Miriam’s Hand in Jewish culture. It is believed that the shape of the hand, whose power is increased by writing different prayers on it, is an effective talisman used against evil eyes and evil eye. The wish “May Allah hide from the evil eye” is engraved with a vivid writing style on the Nazar El Kase. Live writing; It consists of combining letters with human figures who make gestures while talking to each other, or holding a goblet, shooting an arrow, playing a saz. The lively writing style is seen only on metal works of the Seljuk period. In the historical works in which this writing style takes place, the scenes of feast, hunt or throne are generally depicted, and themes of celebration, fertility and goodness are covered. Handmade beige opal glass bowl in open hand form, with gold gilding decoration, with vivid writing.

Its production is limited to 2000 pieces.

Weight 3 kg


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