Hero Glass Sword


Width: 11.5 cm
Length: 79.5 cm It

is 100% handmade.
Product Origin: Turkey
Cleaning advice : wipe with a dry cloth.

The sword, which has been regarded as the representative of heroism, independence and power for centuries, has been carried by nobles, high-ranking soldiers and commanders in the East and West. In the Middle Ages, the best swords were made by heating and forging quality iron called sword egg, and then tempered by giving water in different styles. Various sources mention that Turks were the most famous sword masters and their skill in watering steel.
It is known that Ottoman sword masters made swords in types called ticani, moorish, zivziki and tirazi. Unlike straight swords, which are heavy and use more wrist power, the movement of the wrist was important in curved swords. Using such curved swords would require special training and skill. The sword-wearing ceremonies held on the throne of the sultans were among the most indispensable Ottoman palace traditions. Swords were used over and over again, with the parts of them renewed over time. Due to the widespread use of firearms, sword production decreased over time after the 18th century, and it was used as an accessory of uniforms in ceremonies. Besides being a weapon, the sword was considered a meaningful gift. Wishes of victory and happiness with gold and silver inlays on the barrel by the rulers, kalima unity,
Kahraman Cam Kılıç, exhibited in Topkapı Palace III. It was designed inspired by Selim’s sword. The first three verses of Surat al-Fath are on the barrel of the glass sword.
Kahraman Cam Kılıç is shaped by hand workmanship. The patterns on it are decorated using 24 carat gold and antique paints. Metal part is made of brass material
Weight 3 kg


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