Guard Vase


Diameter: 18 cm
Height: 35 cm It

is 100% handmade.
Product Origin: Turkey
Cleaning advice : wipe with a dry cloth.

Ulu Mosque in Şırnak province, Cizre district, Hz. It was converted from an old church into a mosque during the Omar period in 639. It was repaired during the Abbasid period. The entrance door is made of iron and was taken to the Topkapı Palace Museum in 1983. The dragon figured door knocker of Cizre Ulu Mosque was exhibited in the Turkish and Islamic Arts Museum in 1964. The other handle of the doorknob was previously smuggled into the Berlin Museum.
The main composition consists of two dragon figures, whose heads are turned to the right and left, and which are connected to each other with their front legs on the door knob of the Cizre Ulu Mosque. XI.-XIII. In the century Anatolian Seljuk art, similar animal depictions, dragon and snake figures were used in large numbers. Dragon figures have a special place in Islamic art as well. In the medieval Islamic world, it was considered both a doorknob and a guard who protected the building from all kinds of evil.
The Guard Vase is made of hand-made glass, and all the relief patterns on it are handcrafted and decorated using gold and antique paint.

Production is limited to 2,000 units.

Weight 3 kg


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