Epic Board


Diameter: 43 cm It

is 100% handmade.
Product Origin: Turkey
Cleaning advice : wipe with a dry cloth.

Before the use of firearms, the shield was used to protect against the blows of arrows, spears, swords, mace and mace in wars. Ancient Turkish shields were round, rectangular, pot-bellied or fluffy, and took various names according to the material from which they were made. Iron ones were called hacefe, those on which leather was stretched on the reed were called dereka or matrak, and round shields made of steel were called sails, the fluffy ones of this genus were called domed. The manufacturing of the shield and the decoration work on it had a great importance in Turkish handicrafts.

The motifs on the Epic Pano are inspired by an 18th century Ottoman shield with leaf and red carnation motifs. The original shield has a curved navel decorated with floral motifs, branches and roses. Although this shield shows the characteristics of the 18th century, the ornament on the gilded belly button has a 17th century palace jewelery style. It is thought that the roundabout was subsequently mounted to the shield.
All of the relief patterns on the Destan Pano are handcrafted and decorated using 24 carat gold and colored with enamel technique. In addition, the panel is decorated with beads made with enamel technique.

Its production is limited to 2,000 pieces.

Weight 3 kg


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