Cihan Barutluk Object


Diameter: 24 cm
Height: 28.5 cm It

is 100% handmade.
Product Origin: Turkey
Cleaning advice : wipe with a dry cloth

Forms such as horn, gourd, scabbard and various materials such as leather, metal, bone and wood were used in the production of gunpowder containers used to carry gunpowder, which is an important element of firearms throughout history. For gunpowder containers, which mainly consist of a chamber and a mouth, the feature of use was at the forefront, the powder cases were developed in terms of shape and function over time and each one emerged as a work of art. Some of the gunpowder samples used in the Ottoman period are in the Military Museum Collection.
Motifs on Cihan Barutluk Object, 14-16. It was created by inspiring from the style of the saz road, which has the ornamentation features of the Ottoman period in the 18th century. Among the main motifs of the reed path, very ornate and curvaceous stylized flowers, buds, legendary predators such as dragon, emerald-u phoenix, predators such as lions, tigers, birds such as pheasants, cranes and human, angel and fairy figures are used.
Gunpowder cases, which are transported or gifted in various ways from our country, are exhibited in museums such as Denmark’s Davids Samling and New York Metropolitan Museum.
Cihan Barutluk Object is made of hand made smoke glass and all the relief patterns on it are decorated using 24 carat gold, gilding and antique paints.

Production is limited to 2,000.

Weight 3 kg


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