Birgi Mumluk


Diameter: 13 cm
Height: 24.5 cm It

is 100% handmade.
Product Origin: Turkey
Cleaning advice : wipe with a dry cloth

It was determined that the door of the pulpit with herbal ornaments and a prayer inscription on Birgi Aydınoğlu Mehmet Bey Mosque in Ödemiş District of İzmir Province was knocked on 15 May 1993. The minbar gate, which is sought at home and abroad, was found in London as a result of an operation and was brought to our country on 11 November 1995.
Birgi Ulu Mosque pulpit is one of the large and masterpiece pulpit. The minbar door is made of walnut wood with the kundekari technique and has an intricate rumi pattern from a monolithic plate. The pulpit is one of the most important wooden works of the Beylik period, which continues the Seljuk tradition, with its construction using all wood techniques, the originality of its cone, the richness of the pattern, the fine and clean workmanship that survives until today.
On the Birgi Candle Holder, rumi and Seljuk geometric patterns on the door and side surfaces of the Birgi Ulu Mosque minbar are stylized and used. The product has two wax chambers, small and large.
Birgi Candle Holder is made of handmade caramel glass and all the relief patterns on it are decorated using 24 carat gold and antique paints.

Production is limited to 2,000

Weight 3 kg


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