Beykoz Red Bowl


Diameter: 18 cm
Height: 7 cm It

is 100% handmade.

“Beykoz” glasses started to be produced in Beykoz glass workshops during the reign of Sultan Selim III (1789-1807). The characteristic feature of Beykoz Glasses is cutting and painting ornamentation. “Beykoz Decorations” are applied manually with gold and / or glass paints on products made of opal or clear glass. The color of the gold used turns yellow and green. Patterns are processed on the glass surface with brushes, then the works are baked at a low temperature and the gilded decor is fixed on the surface. Usually, parsley patterns, leafy and stemmed flowers, heart, crescent and star, circular motifs, wavy cut lines and hatches are found in the works. In addition, many of these works are cut in various forms with shallow depth and various gilding decorations are made inside these cuts.
Weight 2 kg


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