12 Pcs Medium Roasted 100g Turkish Coffee


Turkish coffee varieties with a unique identity and tradition with their unique taste, smooth foam, unique smell, cooking method and presentation are at the Kahve Dünyası! We offer our Kahve Dünyası medium roasted Turkish coffee, which contains dozens of flavors and fragrances that you can make a foamy Turkish coffee, in a special package of 100 grams, as an economic package of 12.

As Kahve Dünyası, we roast 0 Arabica beans of the Rio Minas region of Brazil, which is the most suitable bean for Turkish taste. We subject quality coffee beans to different roasting processes in order to increase your coffee enjoyment and provide the best coffee flavor you are looking for.

With the medium roasted Turkish coffee, we reveal the spicy, woody, fruity and tobacco-like flavor aromas, and we prevent the beans from aging and preserve their freshness and aroma with a very special roasting process.

Weight 1.8 kg


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